tredie tilstand: sorte får

The 9 songs was written by some of the
bandmembers in danish :

1.Lille break
2.Den skæve himmel
3.Pingvinens rejse gennem langt væk
4.Og længes
6.Vinduespudserens laxko
7.Se solen sne
8.Ikke en chance
+ dubversions of 7 songs.
Released on the "punk" label Irmgardz....
as a double album (irmg 5).

The band`s album was original made back in 1981.
It was recorded/produced/handplayed/
foodprocessed by the band in the small
8-track studioTo-trin-Ned,midtown
The line-up was something like this:

bongo winter : drums +
jane lysgaard : vocals
annette olander : vocals
jørgen teller : gtr +
teis frandsen : gtr +
søren riis vestergaard : vocals +
lars stork : perc. +
thomas bøje : bass +
thomas stanley : organ

+ more friends.


Later the lineup changed a bit and they
released a single: Intet svar/Kold vinyl.
and another album :Gi plads ( Dennis Bovell)
the lineup probable changed again...
and o´course they giged in between all the while.

people involved durring the different lineups :

henrik : perc.
rudi : perc.
lotte anker : sax
ture larsen : trombone
per vissing : trompet
nanna : sax
herdis jensen : keyboards
poul pocksten : keyboards
michael haase : bass
thomas ruud : trommer
shaun errman : frontsound
søren filtenborg : frontsound
martin "raytheroadie" dahl : raodie..