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A couble of years ago ,I think it was in '98,a friend of mine got /borrowed a similar 8-track machine, that we recorded on way back in `81.So I borrowed the thing and transfered the tapes to my 24-track machine in my bedroom. It wasn't that easy, because the oldtapes was shedding so much binder/oxide,that they could hardly run on the deck.Once the the whole thing was transfered, I started mixing, trigging drums ,processing,with all kinds of old gear,and overdubbing a little bit here and there.It was all mixed down on an analog Revox A77 1/4" in small pieces.From there ,little by little assembled in Samplitude(PC HD recording).
Later in our small studio Dims99, I open the projekt in Protools for some serious processing and a yet again a little overdubs.The mastering went on and on ,because of enough amount of noise,
untill I finally got it right.........


The 9 songs was written by some of the
bandmembers in danish ,so they usedto have
different names.The new names sort of reflect
one or more aspects of the old ones,or merely
the flipside.

1. the Swamp (frandsen-riis vestergaard)
2. the Longing (frandsen-frandsen)
3. Babylon (frandsen-lysgaard/frandsen)
4. reLax (frandsen-lysgaard/lysgaard)
5. legalize Snow (teller-teller)
6. no Chance (frandsen-frandsen)
7. the Penguins (teller-teller)
8. Heaven (frandsen-lysgaard/frandsen)
9. the Brain (frandsen-frandsen)